Power Measuring Test rig for Hand-Guided Electric Power Tools

  • test stand housing from stable aluminium profile completely with protection closed.
  • over three doors, which are supervised with protective door switches, the test stand is well accessible.
  • in the test stand depending upon test specimen size and number of revolutions is built in either a magnetic power or an eddy current brake for the load of the rotary test specimen axle.
  • to the scope of supply a basic set belongs on diverse tighteners around the different test specimen like e.g. chain swas, angle sanders etc. to fasten in the test stand.
  • the test stand is available with different brake sizes swiss manufacturer MAGTROL.
  • electrically isolation clutches are contained in the scope of supply for the conneciton of the test specimen depending upon size.
  • over the inserted X-Y-Z adjustable table, the test specimen can be in-adjusted comfortably and fast on the axle of the brake.

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