Multitestfield Typ Midi

The foundation engineering box for your test tasks.                             In the field the different test tasks can be simply accomplished.                 By the highly flexible aluminium profile system and protective glass        from breakproof polycarbonat, the testfield can fast adapted to your tasks.

Universally Test Bench Control Typ LOGO:                                           The ideal addittion of the miniature test field is our universally test bench control Typ LOGO. On basis of the very easily to programming Logikmodules of the company SIEMENS insclusive all                     necessary supply terminals

Optional: LOGO programming training 2 current rate.

Technical Data

  • built on a high strenght aluminium frame.
  • the doors have a security door counter the check immediately can be switched off.
  • -the protective glass from breakproof polycarbonat           offers sure protection.
  • test device / ground plate;                                          Dimensions 1500 x 2000 x 800 mm.
  • comfortabel discard for the test equipment

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