Fatigue Test Bench for Bicycle – EPAC, Bike Trailer

according to EN 147xx / DIN 79100 / EN 15194 / EN 15918

Two Cylinder System for installation into ground.

  • Drum Test Rig with CE Conformity Declaration and CE marking. 
  • The test specimen can be placed comfortably over one of the 4 sliding doors at the side of the protection or from the front by the sectional gate. Each door is equipped with a safety monitoring, which keeps the 
  • entrance doors locked until the test stand is in a secure condition again. 
  • The test stand can be entered in the safe condition safely. There is no danger for the examiner by preparing the test bench because of Weinmann variable ground. 
  • Each cylinder can be adjusted individually, electrically and be arranged on the trace length of the test specimen. 
  • The cylinders can be equipped with different standard barriers.

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