Test Rig for Drills and Impact Drills Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools

  • according to DIN EN 60745-2-1

  • in the test rig, hand-controlled electrical appliancesof 200 – 500 W can be checked according to overall sizes.
  • test mass and forces correspond DIN EN 60745-2 (picture 101).
  • test rig completely with protective covering and securtiy door counter.
  • the audit becomes automatically switch off about the Emergency Off as soon as the dorr are opened.
  • the test rig can be linked up to the test control and  you can use the test times givena fter norm.

The test bench is available in three different dimensions and covers therfore the complete norm area.

  •  device size 1        to 700 W / 90 kg mass
  •  device size  2        to 1800 W / 270 kg mass
  •  device size  3        to 2500 W / 360 kg mass

It belongs 1 piece universally test sticks to the test rig.

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