eChecker. The test stand for e-bikes, drive units, and e-scooters.

for e-bikes according to EN 15194:2018

The eChecker test stand can test all electrical and electronic components of e-bikes. Common applications are:

  • EN 15194 standard tests (standard version)
  • End-of-Line Tests in Production (Optional) •
  • Long-term and endurance tests (optional) • Service and Development (Optional)

The test stand consists of the following components:

  • Base frame made of high-strength aluminum profile with protective housing made of polycarbonate and CE marking.
  • Programmable rear wheel generator brake to simulate driving resistance. Braking power constant approx. 750 W. The engine can be used seamlessly for braking and acceleration.
  • Crank drive to simulate human pedaling. Speed range 0-120 rpm. With patented quick-release coupling and positioning device (disassembly of the pedal crank omitted).
  • Load cells with manufacturer’s calibration certificate in the rear brake caliper and in the crank drive
  • eChecker software (browser-based). PC not included in the standard scope. Standard tests according to EN 15194 with pre-programmed tests included

4.2.11 maximum speed with electric motor assistance
4.2.12 Launch Assist Mode
4.2.13 Performance Management
4.2.14 Maximum power measurement – Measurement on the motor shaft

You can easily create your own tests and test routines.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,500 x 1,600 x 2,100 mm
Weight: 300kg
Connected load: 230 V / 16 A
Speed: Max 60km/h
Crank drive: max. 80 Nm torque at 50 rpm. Cadence 0-120 rpm.
Brake slide: 650 W continuous braking power

Connection of the e-bike to the test bench via a measuring cable between the e-bike battery and the controller. Basic adapter cable is included in the standard scope and must be adapted by the customer with their own connector.

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