Testing unit for garden irrigation items with measuring technology

Testing unit for garden irrigation items with measuring technology
Test unit completely assembled and wired as a partially finished machine component in accordance with Machinery Directive EC42/2006

The test unit consists of a water pressure booster system, a measuring section with a flow measuring sensor and a pressure measuring sensor.

It is controlled via a USB-BASIC DAQ measuring card, which can be controlled with the DASYLab software you have.

Input size = thread R1 inch

Initial size = thread R 3/4 inch

Two pressure levels can be preselected via an analog input:

Level 1 = 8 bar at 18L/min flow

Level 2 =12 bar at 27L/min flow

The measured flow signal is recorded as a 0-10 V DC analog output via the DAQ card

The pressure signal in the range of 0-20 bar is also recorded as a 0-10V dc analog signal via the Goldammer card.

All sensors are wired to the USB card in the control cabinet, including all necessary switching and protection devices and power supplies.

Dimensions of the test unit roughly: 700x600x1100mm height of the pump

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