Wireless TRIAX HIC measuring system EN 1177:2018

Wireless TRIAX HIC measuring system

according to EN 1177: 2018 to determine the critical height of fall


System consists of:

E-missile falling body according to EN1177: 2018 standard specification with 4.6 kg mass including high-speed accelerometer 20 kHz sampling with long-life NiMH accumulator and wireless communication. With integrated permanent magnet with electro-impulse release.
Hand-held control unit with touch functionality and very easy-to-use Triax software with an English user interface.
Adapter block made of coated steel which can be connected to the 3-leg tripod or to a handle to raise the Triax drop body to the height of the drop.
230V AC charger for battery case body and battery Hand Held Touch
sturdy transport case to hold the measuring system
Windows PC software supplied on memory card.
Reference fall protection mat including known HIC data

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