Foam hardness measuring hand-manual device, incl. load pad acc. GB/T10357.6-2013

The device is used for locating different hardness values and zones in mattresses, foams, upholstered furniture and comparable materials.


The device is manufactured by Weinmann for measuring purposes under condition of certification by DIN9001 with appropriate traceability.


The handling is very easy. The device is delivered with a load weight of 5 kg. Prior to the measurement the device is placed on a flat and solid surface. The displacement encoder is resetted to zero by the reset button. For comparable results it is recommended to use the enclosed tape measure. The tape measure is placed with the zero-marking on the top. The first measurement starts at 250mm. The following measurements are placed in an interval of 100mm up to 1750mm. After a residence time of two minutes the penetration distance is read off of the caliper. The measurement may only take place under standard climate. Also the environmental parameters have to be recorded. Example logs are provided for download.

The device is zerro on the reference plate for comparative measurements. Differences are immediately readable.


Accordingly, also hardness comparative measurements are easily possible.

The thrust pad is made according to GB/T 10357.6 – 2013, Test of mechanical properties of furniture, Part 6: Strength and durability of beds.


Each device is delivered with an ISO calibration sheet.


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