Hegewald & Peschke


Art. No. #12001

Manufacturer Hegewald und Peschke


  • Manual operation with force-display for manual positioning and stand-alone operationwithout PC (10-030-897),        subtable (10-030-800)
  • Force-measuring cells 50N bis 50kN.
  • mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic clamping witness for tensile tests.
  • Printing plates, bending device, special test devices, external measurement devices.
  • PC (current standard), operating system Windows®.
  • Test Software LabMaster.
  • measurement and control computer is not included in the standard delivery.

Tensile Test Machine


Motorized vertical test stand TVO

Technical Highlights:

  • Simple operation
  • 15 to 300 mm/min Speed Range
  • 500 N maximum tensile and compressive force suitable for all force measuring devices to 500N
  • Motorized test stand for tensile and push pull tests
  • table design for easy operation
  • Robust Design for permanent application
  • Automatischer oder manueller Verfahrmodus
  • Individually adjustable endpoints
  • easy-to-use emergency stop switch
  • maximum driving length 300 mm

Traversing speed:

  • Stepless adjustment
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Size H 570 mm x L 428 mm x B 236 mm

Speed accuracy​:

  • 2% of max figure with measuring device(not included)

Push Pull Material Test

TVM-N 500 N to 30 kN

Push Pull Material Test TVM-N 500 N to 30 kN

  • Up to 30,000 N solid and flexible mounting options (see accessories)
  • maximum driving length 214 mm (protected by electric limit switches)
  • Starting height, slide over the base plate 171 mm
  • Carriage Height: 385 mm above the base plate.
  • Minimum distance between the carriage and the lower edge of the upper attachment: 85 mm Height 1,015 mm, Width 256 mm,Length 400mm 
  • Speed of 10 - 230 mm/min (in the standard version)
  • Net weight 58 kg figure with measuring device (not included)

Push Pull Material Test horizontal

THM 500 N