Standardized Handler

for Knob and Handle Test

Art. No. #09910

Standardized Handler for Knob and Handle Test according to LGA - directive (Nr. 33050) was developed according to the specifications of the LGA QualiTest GmbH.

Load Test

  • it can have different handle and knob models used.
  • various setting options for all of the required load tests.
  • all settings can be installed simply without tools.
  • uniform assessment of the test objects is possible.
  • the drive is carried out using pneumaitk cylinder.
  • prepared for mounting a force measuring device (not included).

We can also offer you the complete test machine for the knob and handle test including power measurement and control.

Test Control Unit for Button / Knob and Drawer

according to LGA Directive No. 33050

Art. No. #04500

  • the compact test unit includes 2 force regulated pneumatic cylinders.
  • the horizontal test force is free adjustable from 0 - 500 N (push and pull).
  • the vertical test force is free adjustable form 0 - 300 N (push).
  • both axes can be moved to different positions in the test unit.
  • unit can be used for tests at the internal or external test mounting.
  • test mounting is with quic clamp changeable, other tools are not necessary.
  • a big strogae space for accessories is integrated in the machine frame.
  • the machine is controlled by a Beckhoff Hutschienen Industry PC.
  • inclusive two ethernet and two USB interface for data archiving.