Universal Table Test

DIN 68 885, EN 581-3, EN 527-3

Art. No. #04100

  • disarrange test, druability test, notch test.
  • inductive, contact free PC measurement system for registration of the table deformation.
  • inclusive cycle controlling for the different dynamic tests according to EN specification.
  • available with and without power analyzer at the operating cylinder.

Drop Test Device

Art. No. #05910

Installation/backfitting in an existing test framework


  • a defined test weight with a pneumatic cylinder is pulled up.
  • in the deflection device can be mounted different test   weights, for example Seat Impactor nach EN 1728.
  • after reaching the desired drop height the test weight is   activated by an electromagnetic bolt.
  •  the test weight meets with almost free fall                             on the test object.


  • -Micro PLC-controlled cycle control  for testing in accordance with DIN/EN standards.

Impact Pendulum

DIN Fachbericht 147

Art. No. #04806

  • for GS Certification of Office Work Tables
  • Pendulum DIN FB147 vibration measuring system
  • USB High Speed measuring system including the diflection sensor and PC software.