Draft Standard EN 1335-1, published in April 2018 EN 1335-1 from ISO 24496 ISO CMD dummy measuring device takes over

Weinmann GmbH sets new standards in Hersbruck machinery - for more than 30 years, the Weinmann GmbH has established itself in the field of product testing technology on the international market. As a member of the international trade committee on standards work, are the specialists of Weinmann GmbH contributed significantly to the development and implementation of innovative solutions

The experts of the company have designed a chair surveying Weinmann dummy, since the ratification of the ISO standard 24496 for swivel office chairs, in December 2012, for all international swivel chair manufacturer is binding.

ISO CMD – Collection of functional and ergonomic mass

"With our so-called chair measuring device (CMD), it is possible to determine the masses in addition to the functional and ergonomic mass. The Handling st absolutely uncomplicated. In order to collect the relevant results, the determining office swivel chair with the help of the rig on the CMD and then mounted in different positions. The collection of data is carried out with relatively simple measuring instruments at the CMD. In this way an easy and uncomplicated operability is guaranteed - and the measurement duration is less than half an hour," said Peter Weinmann, one of the two managing director and founder of Weinmann Gmbh.

ISO standard 24496 is obligatory since the end of 2012

To ensure that the current office swivel chair models since December applicable ISO Standard 24496, must meet certain measurement parameters are adhered to. This can be determined with the new CMD. To determine, among other things, are the seat and seat height and seat depth and the seat angle. The CMD provides results for the seatback angle, the back plate height as well as the armrest height and width. You can view data on the lumbar area, as well as the head and neck supports area will be charged.

A member of the committee of experts for international standards working

"For years, we are actively involved in the international standards work and are available in various bodies such as DIN, CEN and ISO. Our knowledge built up over the years is the ideal base from which to the request and tasks of the wide range of customers in practice can be implemented quickly and individually. At any time, we deliver tailor-made special solutions", explains Thomas Schmidt, a member of the board of directors at the Weinmann Gmbh.

Through the synergies of the machine and control engineering in a home, Weinmann customers benefit from short development times and guaranteed delivery times. In addition, the Weinmann GmbH for great flexibility, so you can, for example, also during the production phase of a plant nor short-term customer changes can be implemented. On the basis of the competent hard- and software development can be addressed quickly and individually to customer requirements

International Know-How

The know-how and experience of the hersbruck Weinmann GmbH are in demand all over the world. In addition to international testing institutes such as the TÜV Rheinland and numerous international professional associations trust chair manufacturer of the test solutions.
In the scope of ISO CMD from Weinmann is from one of the ISO CMD dummy as well as the rig for recording of the chair available at the ISO-CMD. The price may be requested individually at the company Weinmann.