Twinaxis Controller

for two pneumatic axles

Art. No. #02400

  • controller for two pneumatic force controlled compressed air actors 
  • inclusive free programming testing sequences.
  • data links above quick on the security circles.
  • handling above touchscreen 
  • inclusive al necesary emergency stop security circles.
  • two servo valve for force regulation.
  • with two precission measuring amplifiers 0 - 5 kN.
  • solid, robust - as well for using under exacting conditions.
  • built on a bench box 19 inch wide 4 rack units.
  • above a interface and a USB high speed measuring board 
  • can each control box connected to an XP Win PC.


  •  Optional: DASY Lab test frame software to record the test dates and measured data, also to make an test report.

Twinaxis Servocontrol

Art. No. #02401

  • controller force controlled or position control of two Weinmann servo push-pull axis.
  • easy operation with a color touchscreen.
  • a programm to teach the test positions.
  • operation manuaul, force control operation, positioning operation.
  • force and distance individually programmable via a setup menu.
  • with integrated memory to facitlitate investigations of the test.
  • inclusive interface to a Windows computer for data recording and visualization included.


  • Optional: USB PC measuring and DASY Lab software for test administration and recording of data including report module.