Force Gauge

Art. No. #02801-D

  • FH2 - FH500    2N - 500N    With internal force sensor.
  • FH1k - FH50k    1000N - 5000N    With external force sensor.
  • External Force Sensor including RS232 interface with optional analog output.
  • Optional Software for PC AHF-01 to power / time evaluation.

Force Gauge

Art. No. #02801-A

  • Dual Scale Newton (N) and Kilogramm (kg)
  • parallel readable. Rotating Display for easy adjustment.
  • Model Range: FA10 10N FA20 20N FA30 30N FA50 50N FA200 200N FA300 300N FA500 500N

Force Gauge

with graphics display

Art. No. #02801-C

  • Battery operated with serial PC interface for  PC software with printing function.
  • Range: FT50 50N FT200 200N

Force Gauge

Art. No. #02801-B

  • Battery operated with power supply.
  • Peak-Hold-Funktion for detecting 
  • the peak value or Track-Funktion for continuos measurement display.
  • Range: FK10 10N FK25 25N FK50 50N FK100 100N FK250 250N FK500 500N FK 1K 1000N

Professional Force

measuring instrument

Art. No. #02800

  • battery operated universal measuring instrument.
  • available as 1 or 2 canals measruing instrument.
  • by the new programmable sensor plugs, differnt physical measuring dimensions
  • with only to one gets are measrued.
  • if necessary a calibration be ordered - DKD can be done away in the plug.
  • no rearrangements of measuring areas or sensor settings are necessary .
  • simply stick on sensor and get your measuring results.