Mattress Roller Test Bench


Art. No. #06203

  • test Load on static masses
  • test frequency according standard adjustable
  • test cycles porgrammable
  • Delivery inclusive normative specified mattress                profile EN1957

The mattress have to be measured in a Weinmann mattress test bench after reaching the normative cycles. The measurement is done a sperate test bench.It can be reached a higher capacity as in a double test bench by splitting roler and measurement.

Weinmann patented safety Blind.

Typ A Test Dimensions        2600 x 1700 mm                                                 Typ B Test Dimensions        2600 x 2700 mm                                         Voltage supply :             400V alternating current /50Hz

Mattress-, Bolster

and Foam Measuring

Art. No. #06202

  • electrically adjustable measurement portal                           with 1200 mm stroke.
  • Typ A test dimensions 1000 x 2000 mm, dimension test rig 3000 x 1600 x 2280 mm.
  • Typ B test dimensions 2000 x 2000 mm, dimension test rig 3000 x 2500 x 2280 mm.
  • inclusive measurement axle and software for test results   for example test of matresses according to EN 1957.
  • measurement instrument for DMS force and distance sensor.
  • different standards can be measured. with a modular software, for example EN 1957 / ISO 2439 / IOS.

Mattress Test

according to EN 1957

Art. No. #06200

Service life and measurement examination in a test stand.

Service life test and Measurement in a test rig.

  • rolls also fully automatic test sequence and freely adjustable test parameters.
  • stable precision linear test parameters.
  • presenting and raising of the load roller take place fully automatically over the integrated electrical push pull cable.
  • the test bed becomes over a motor propelled linear axle under the roller moves.

Drop Test Device

Art. No. #05910

Installation/backfitting in an existing test framework


  • a defined test weight with a pneumatic cylinder is pulled up.
  • in the deflection device can be mounted different test   weights, for example Seat Impactor nach EN 1728.
  • after reaching the desired drop height the test weight is   activated by an electromagnetic bolt.
  •  the test weight meets with almost free fall                             on the test object.


  • -Micro PLC-controlled cycle control  for testing in accordance with DIN/EN standards.

Mattress Testing

For sinking depth measurement according to WENATEX standard

Art. No. #06100

  • -with variable test weights the mattress core can be tested according to WENATEX standard.
  • the position rules on the tester helps you to find 
  • the correct position for the correct measuring                      on the required point.
  • the test ram drops wiht the applied testing weights               into the mattress.
  • a scala shows you how deep the weights are sinking into the mattress.
  • there is a digital display and a printer with a interface for documentation ot the measurings exactly and completely.
  • the measuring device will be delivered with all necessary accessories in a robust aluminium case. 

Test Mattress

for Bed testing

Art. No. #06710

Art.No. # 06710-A EN 1725

Norm-Mattress according EN 1725:1998

  • eastic Polyeruthan polyether foam                                        with a thickness of 100 mm.
  • bulk density about  (30 ± 2).
  • durability (170 ± 20) according ISO 2439, process A 40.
  • dimension 2000 x 800 mm.
  • mattress have to be so large that it overlaps the thrust plate all around at least 100 mm.
  • Each test mattress may be used only for 5 complete bed examinations.


Art.No. # 06710-B EN 747

Norm-Mattress according EN 747-2:2007

  • board consist of polyether soft foam                                     with a thickness of 100mm
  • bulk density about (30 ± 2) kg/m3.
  • durability (170 ± 20) according ISO 2439, process A 40.
  • dimensions 2000 x 800 mm; correspond for the masses of the examined bed soil.
  • Within 2 hours the same part of the test mattress may not be stressed again and the mattress.
  • have to be exchanged after 20 examinations or when damage already before.

Weinmann X-Sensor

Body Pressure Mapping Systems

Art. No. #06600

It allows you to compare mattress lines and continously improve your mattress designs for better pressure relief and support.

Realistically simulate a test subjects pressure interface with the mattress. Collect repeatable and accurate data in a tightly controlled testing environment.                                                  Record measurements across the entire body area simultaneously. Analyse data with X-Sensors Software (export to excel).       Customize and produce high quality visual reports.

  • Supply with PC software to the measurement and evaluation of the pressure distributation.
  • The PC is not in the scope of supply. 
  • In case of order we install the DASY Lab Software to your PC with the following system requirements.

Child Matress Test

Spherical Test Ball according EN 16890 

Art. No. #08906-A

spherical test ball according EN 16890 

- Ø 115mm precicion tolerance 0 - 0,5 mm

- mass 2,5 kg precicion tolerance ± 0,0125 kg



Child Matress Test / Test Template

for determination of the indentation depth EN 16890

Art. No. #08906-B

test template for determination of the indentation depth according  EN 16890