Test Rig for Base Test

of Office Chairs

Art. No. #05915

Base Test for Office Chairs for overload test according to ANSI BIFMA X 5.1

  • manufactured according to European Machine Directives including CE Label.
  • test rig dimensions 820 x 815 mm.
  • steel profile construction with steel base plate                     1000 x 1000 mm
  • built-in hydraulic load axis hub 250 mm, force 2,5 t.
  • including hydraulik; hand pump 3 m, hose line with quick connector.

Servohydraulic Base Test

for Office Chair

Art. No. #05915-B

Servohydraulic Base Test for Office Chair                                    according ANSI BIFMA X5.1

  • over software you can choose all test parameter force, speed, force holding time and thresholds.
  • full automatic and safe test cycle through covered system with emergency safety circuit.
  • all test can be recorded with a separate Personal Computer and Dasylab software.