Test Machine for Castors

according DIN / EN1257, EN12529

Art. No. #04600

  • Execution as a servo motor linear unit.
  • Based on a steel platform with a smooth surface.
  • Including removable ties according DIN (2 mm and 3 mm).
  • Vertical load on launched weights.

The electrical control system enables:

  • Speed
  • Test cylces
  • Pause and delay
  • Length of the traverse path (linear unit)
  • the acceleration and braking ramp

Gas Spring Test

Art. No. #04600

Gas Spring Test

Dynamic and static components test machine for gas springs in the furniture industry Testing fields are freely programmable
Tests according to Norms and Manufacturer requirements are possible
Quality Control for example for imported Gas Springs


Gas Spring Test Machine

Lawn Mower Test

ISO 5395-3:2014, EN 836:2012

Art. No. #11400

Lawn Mower Test according ISO 5395-3:2014, EN 836:2012 

- PC measuring for stop time lawn mower -

Describtion Recoil Starter

  • Base plate with a slot armature for themflexible attachment of the test specimens.  
  • Dimension base plate ca. 3000 mm x 1600 mm 
  • On the base plate a servo-motor powered starter for engine devices with push pull recoil starter is installed including touchscreen operating panel in the control box.
  • Over the recoil starter the engine equipment can be started automatically.
  • The start of the engine is supervised and can repeat in the event of an error an adjustable number of starting attempts. The starting cycles are freely programmable.

Test Machine for Components

of Seating Mechanics

Art. No. #05920

  • testing of couplings at seating mechanics.
  • testing of the clamping force and holding force of the gradient of the seat and of the backrest.
  • application of the forces by pneumatic actuators.
  • force tst by adjustable test loads.
  • fully automated test routine.
  • inclusive adapter for the gas spring and for the back.
  • test takes place in a capsuled protection range with control of the guard door.
  • the test machine accords to all current safety regulations.